Kyoto Station

Kyoto-Station Area

Kyoto Station is the main station to the Kyoto City, that accepts countless numbers of both domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Kyoto station consists of JR line, Subway line, Kintetsu line and the JR- Tokai line.

There is even a bus terminal that takes you around to all the tourist attractions in Kyoto, including the downtown area, Shijo-Kawaramachi. 

Not only that, there are many commercial facilities and hotels for tourists in the area, but there is the tallest building in Kyoto, the Kyoto tower which is 131m tall.

There is an observatory at the top floor, which is another famous tourist attraction.

In the tower building, there is a food hall, a shopping market and a public bath.

During the summer, many people go to the beer garden held at the Kyoto Tower, where you can have a few drinks while enjoying the view of the Kyoto city. 

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