Myoshinji Daiho-in Temple

Myoshinji Daiho-in Temple

Myoshinji Daiho-in Temple

Myoshin-ji Temple is the head temple of the the associated branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, the Myōshin-ji school with more than 3,400 temples in Japan.

It is a large temple complex which includes as many as 46 subtemples in the precincts.

Daiho-in temple is one of the subtemples of Myoshin-ji Temple.

It was built as a family temple of Nobuyuki Sanada, a warlord of the Sengoku period.

The Roji Garden (a garden attached to a tea room) is famous, and you can enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves while having matcha tea and sweets.

Painting on a sliding screen is called “叭叭鳥図(Hahatyo-zu)”, adn the appearance of birds flying around is drawn with india ink on that.

Daiho-in temple is usually closed to the public, but it is only open to the public during the fresh green season in spring and the fall foliage season.

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