Kifunejinja Shrine

Kibune Shrine

Kibune Shrine is the main shrine of the god of water that enriches the god of rain, ‘’Taka-Okami-no-Kami’’.

Since Ancient times, it has been worshiped by people in water related businesses.

In the event of droughts or a long rain, successive imperial courts dedicated horses to this prayer which has led to the model of Ema; votive tablet, today. 

‘’Yui-no-Yashiro’’ is famous for deity of marriage. It is located upstream of the Kibune River in the main shrine.

During the Heian Period, Izumi Shikibu wished for a chance to reconcile with her husband, and there was a story that they have resolved their discord. 

Kibune Shrine is surrounded by beautiful water and forests which shows different expressions of each four seasons.

You can enjoy the riverbeds lined up along the Kibune River in the summer and the crimson foliage in the fall. 

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