Eikando and Nanzenji Temple


Eikan-do is the temple for the Seizan branch of Jodo-shu. It is also referred to as Zenrin-ji.

The Amida statue in the Amida Hall is the object of worship for the temple is enshrined in Eikan-do, also an important cultural property.

Besides that, it is one of the three academic institutes that existed in Kyoto and is also active in academics.

Finally, Eikan-do has beautiful fall foliage, which is described in ‘’Kokon’’, and has been called the ‘’Autumn means the Momoji at the Eikan-do’’ since a long time ago.

It is often ranked number one in Japan’s fall foliage attraction rankings chosen by travelers, and the illumination at night along with the leaves are exceptionally beautiful.

The best time to visit Eikan-do for the fall foliage is said to be around the end of November.

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