Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge


Togetsukyo is a wooden bridge over the Oigawa River that separates Sagano and Arashiyama.

It has become a popular tourist attraction as a symbol of Arashiyama.

It was erected in 836, and it is said that Emperor Kameyama later named it ‘’Togetsukyo’’ after seeing the moon move from east to west across the bridge.

In the background of Togetsukyo Bridge, you can see Arashiyama, which changes its appearance beautifully in each season and you can enjoy a superb view all year around.

Togetsukyo Bridge is the center of events such as the Toro nagashi on August 16th and the Momiji Festival in November, which are held on the Oigawa River.

You can also take a tour of the area by houseboat or boat, and cormorant fishing is held in the summer.

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